Abundant Life in the Desert

...a journey with the Bowden Family

Niger, West Africa

 Located in the 10/40 window, Niger is one of the poorest nations in the world.  Despite a population that is over 95% Muslim, Niger is remarkably open to the gospel at this point in time.  Most of the people in Niger have NEVER even HEARD the gospel of Jesus Christ.  As Vie Abondante travels into remote villages to preach God's word, they have seen amazing receptiveness to the gospel.  We do not know how long this window of opportunity to evangelize and disciple in this Muslim nation may remain open, but we are excited to seize that opportunity while it is present!

Niger Quick Facts

  • Pronounced: Nee-jair
  • Population: 17 Million
  • Size: About 3 times that of California
  • Climate: One of the world's hottest nations
  • 2/3 desert, 1/3 flat grasslands
  • One of the world's poorest, least-developed countries
  • Over 50% of Niger's population is under the age of 15
  • 1 in 5 children die before reaching age 5
  • Adult Life Expectancy: 55 years
  • Religion: 95% Muslim
  • Literacy Rate: 28%
  • 37 people groups, 28 of which are still unreached.
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